Friday, November 06, 2015

Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind By Steve Michael Reedy Review

Hey little monkey come down from your tree. 
Inside this book are wonders to see...

A Mysterious Toy Factory 
A Town Full Of Castles 
Magical Storybooks
A Witch's Spell
A Town Built For Clowns 
And Much, Much More... 

Tales For Your Monkey's Mind is a collection of stories for monkeys of all ages. Each story will take the reader on a whimsical journey through the puzzling world of humans with hypnotic prose and fairytale fantasy. 

Alex daydreams of working in the Wallerwood Toy Factory, and he sets off to learn the secrets kept hidden behind the factory's front doors. 

Jessica wants to become the best clown that Clown Town has ever seen. Then she learns that being a clown is not as much fun as she thought. 

Angela worries about what will happen to her when she dies, until she discovers there are others things to think about instead. 

Andrew wants a magical storybook of his very own, but then he hears a story that may change his mind. 

Josh and Kalyn accidentally break a witch's spell that was cast over the children of their town, and they set off on a journey to make things right. 

Little Fey searches for something to make her happy one-day, but she realizes that her search is pushing her happiness further away. 

Reedy's fantastically quirky debut is capturing the hearts of readers young and old. His richly imagined world is an enchantment all its own, and the journey through each tale is well worth the trip. 

Cassandra's review - A great book for read outloud days, and my family really enjoyed it.  I like the easier to read words.  The author has a great style and gift with his words. 

Steve Michael Reedy
Steve Reedy, MA, LPC, began writing at age ten when his younger sister asked him to write a short story for her English class. The story went on to win his sister several awards. Later he decided to write his own stories and win his own awards. 

He received his undergraduate degree in Theatre, Film, and Television at the University of California, Los Angeles. He received a master's degree in counseling at Argosy University's College of Psychology and Behavioral Science in Dallas, Texas, and is a licensed professional counselor. 

Reedy also holds licenses in varying forms of bodywork and teaches classes in Reiki, yoga, and meditation. He teaches as an adjunct professor, and has experience teaching and counseling children, the latter lead him to be featured in "Dallas Child Magazine." 

I received a complimentary copy.

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