Monday, November 30, 2015

Premium Quality Pizza Cutter #MagikuchenPizzaCutter

Tired of wasting your delicious pizzas and pies trying to slice them or cut them perfectly? Do not have to worry about it anymore.

The Magikuchen Premium Quality Pizza Cutter will offer you restaurant quality pizza slices without ragged edges you often end up with! Treat yourself and your guests to gourmet pizzas sliced just as in restaurants. The number 1 pizza cutter is not just a pizza cutter. You can easily cut all sorts of pies, baked pastries, tortillas, waffles and all the other homemade delicacies. No pizza is too large for the large 4" wheel of this high quality product.

The smooth stainless steel wheel of the kitchen utensil will prevent rusting, thus can be used for years to come without any health risks. The nonslip ergonomic TPR handle stays safely in hand, and a built-in finger guard keeps your hand safe. You won't believe how simple cutting through pizza is with this razor sharp cutter.

Do not worry, the high quality will not affect the price of the product; our price is extremely reasonable and way below the industry's average. The lightweight pizza wheel is very portable. Take it wherever you go over to your friends place to have a pizza night or when you decide to go on a picnic lunch with your family members.

Cleaning process is even easier since the must have kitchen appliance is 100% dishwasher safe. You could also hand wash with the help of some dish wash and warm water. Do not forget to towel dry before storing.

Stop thinking and grab the world's best pizza cutter to make your life more convenient. This is also an ideal gift to all pizza lovers.


I received complimentary product.

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