Tuesday, November 03, 2015

OneVanilla Cards #spon

Sending a prepaid card like OneVanilla, in a care package is a great option for parents to treat their kids, as well as offering a safer alternative to sending cash. They also give college kids money management training wheels!  Pre-paid cards offer most of the benefits of a payment card product but parents can rest easy knowing their college student will not rack up long-term debt or expensive overdraft charges. 

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Cassandra's Review- I have been using these cards for a very long time and they are great to send as gifts as well as for online purchases.  The transactions are recorded on the site so that you can check them and keep track.  There is a one time fee in order to purchase the card and I would have liked it to be a lot less, but on the good side there is no extra fees after that.   They are also very pretty in design and work wherever VISA and Mastercard is accepted depending on which one you purchase.  

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