Monday, November 09, 2015

Oblivion by Joshua Ryan Ogg Blog Tour and Giveaway @thebookgardenpr


oblivion cover (1) [121946]Oblivion by Joshua Ryan Ogg

Series: Medicine Man #1 Genre: Urban Fantasy; Paranormal Suspense Publication Date: February 7, 2015
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A maniac is murdering gang leaders in the desert outside San Diego . An upstart Mexican cartel has infiltrated the local market with a toxic new drug. Black magic is whispered in alleys and zombie tweekers roam the streets. The world stands on the brink of something sinister and occult but the only guy Donnie DeGrassi knows that can piece together this supernatural puzzle has completely vanished from the scene. Some say Kal Renley is crazy, others claim he’s a genius, but those that dose his chemicals just know him as the Medicine Man, master of high-flying drugs and head-spinning trips. He also knows more about the supernatural than anyone else on the streets. Can Donnie get his best friend out of an early retirement before reality gets as ugly as the underworld?

authorpicJoshua Ryan Ogg

Joshua Ryan Ogg has worked in entertainment media and digital marketing for close to a decade. Oblivion is his first published novel. He can usually be found in Ohio or California with his wife and two children. Josh likes to connect with readers on social media and maintains a blog full of half-drunken ramblings and utter nonsense at

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