Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Novica Review

Novica's Handmade Bracelet Gallery. Discover unique gemstone bracelets handcrafted by extraordinary artisans.
Explore by gemstone or by style - each bracelet is handmade with pride and attention to detail. Find cuff, link and charm bracelets, each one more unique than the next, and read about the talented artists that make them.

Novica has really cool site. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/novica/
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Instagram: https://instagram.com/novica/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+novica/posts

Need some inspiration on what to purchase? Here is a great list of popular items!

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I received a complimentary gift card to Novica.

Cassandra's Review- I was totally disappointed with this store.  I used my gift card to purchase two items, because that is all 50.00 could cover.  I ordered one ring and one chess set.   The ring was delivered after days of waiting and it was a size 5, when I clearly ordered a size 9. 

 The ring was low quality and super tiny, I think the site blows up and enhances their pictures in order to make it seem larger.  It did not fit, so I contacted the customer service. The first email response from them stated I was at fault and needed to pay for returning the item, and they would not be sending me the correct size, instead I would get the credit back on my gift card.    I responded letting them know that I did not mistake my own ring size.   

I also let them know that I was going to be reviewing the site and this is when the tone of the next email changed.  I was sent a few days later a pre paid return shipping label  from UPS.  I have not even checked to see if the credit was given back.  Now the second item just got here today, so I waited a super long time for it to be shipped.  It is a chess set. 

Again nothing like the site describes it.  Yes, it was gift wrapped but by the time you get all the wrapping paper and boxes off it is so super tiny.  A chess set that you need the fingers of a three year old to play.  I would need a magnifying glass to distinguish what piece is which.  The look on my children's face along with the hurt in my heart, was just enough.  

The set was so expensive!  If I would have paid out of pocket for these items, I would have been shattered. I did not even bother to send this back on my own dime.  The site got the better end of this deal because they get to keep their store credit and ring.  I got to give a lot of free promotion and time and in the end it was just so upsetting.   

I would like to take a minute to say that if their is really a person sitting  out their in the world crafting all of these pieces by hand as stated on the site and in the paperwork sent to me with the products, then you are not at fault. I appreciate the time you took to craft and the work you put into each detail.   I do think that this site has already made items ready to go and I feel that the photos are made to entice instead of factual.  

The costumer service is so bad, I do not want to continue to attempt to shop again.  If you intend to spend your hard earned money at this site, please be aware of the risk you take.   I really do hate to write this type of a review and it does not happen to often, but it is my responsibility! 

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