Friday, November 13, 2015

Granny Glitter’s Christmas Story By Andree Siracusa Review

Granny Glitter is concerned. Christmas is almost here and she has not finished her shopping. So off she goes, with Venus, her Doberman, to the pet shop. 

While shopping she spies an attendant carrying an unhappy little chow chow puppy. The man is about to put the puppy to sleep because he is going blind. After a spirited altercation, Granny and Venus leave the shop owning a new chow chow puppy. 

Granny Glitter immediately takes koko, the new puppy, to her favorite veterinarians who help her treat his eye condition. 

Koko loves his new home and Grannie's other pets. All goes well except for a very mischievous cat from the house next door. But all gets resolved and they all have the merriest Christmas ever.


About the author
Andree Siracusa is an artist and graphic designer in Florida. She has many pets, including dogs, birds and horses. She has published many other children’s books: “A Doberman’s Puppy Days,” “The Hole in the Fence,” “A Horse Named Charlie” and “The Egg Surprise.”

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I felt that this author had a hidden message that had nothing to do with Christmas and the story kind of fell flat of the joy and well story that I was hoping for.    My family was actually sadden by it and who wants to explain about putting a dog to sleep along with the flood of questions that follow.   It just did not connect well for me at all.  Perhaps if this was two different stories, one about saving an almost blind dog and one about actually preparing for christmas or some kind of actual story......

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