Monday, November 30, 2015

God Makes Us Holy By by Jo Helen Cox #GodMakesUsHoly

he Bible describes God’s ways as a light burden, simple enough to teach children. Yet, this contradicts what most Christians experience.

That needs to change.

Without complicated theology, God Makes Us Holy guides the reader through restoration, regeneration, sanctification, and resurrection. These basic processes define sin, evil, and the excuses we use to accept them as normal. But mostly, they show God’s desire to mold us into His holy likeness.

God takes us as we are and is sensitive to our needs. He individualizes His methods and timing to benefit each person. God knocks. We must answer. His repeated efforts gently transform willing believers.

The process is not always easy, but joy comes each time we find God’s great love, abundant mercy, and willing forgiveness. God Makes Us Holy is simple enough for children and deep enough to live.

I recevied a complimntary copy.
Cassandra's Review- A good book that has a new outlook on older issues.

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