Friday, November 27, 2015

CD Slot Magnet Phone Mount Universal Magnetic Car Mobile Holder #cdphonemount

TOP RATED ✔ This universal magnetic mobile cell phone car mount works with many different smartphones & GPS accessories. Removes the need to use clamps as with old school wireless phone holders

360° ROTATION & SIDE-TO-SIDE SWIVEL ✔ Find the perfect angle when following the GPS or for handsfree talking so you can stay safe and avoid tickets

PROTECTS YOUR PHONE ✔ This cell phone holder rubberized head works perfectly with the quad magnet array making your phone stable! 4 strong neodymium magnets enable one-touch mounting technology and a gentle but firm support

CD SLOT READY DESIGN ✔ The 3 rubber spacers included ensure this mount works in most CD players. Larger square magnetic head provides a stable surface for even larger smartphones


Cassandra's Review-  Basic and easy to use. It holds well, also easy to mount.

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