Friday, November 06, 2015

Casey’s Bright Red Christmas Written by Holly Dufek, Illustrated by Paul E. Nunn Review

It's Christmas time at Happy Skies Farm! Tillus the worm, Big Red, Sammy and the rest of the team are excited to celebrate the season. But Casey the farmer is busy working: feeding animals, repairing fences and planning for the year ahead. 

With so much to do, Casey wonders if she'll have time to prepare for the holidays. That's when Tillus and the team unite to make this Christmas extra special for their busy friend. 

This book is filled with colourful action photographs, fun illustrations and a cast of cartoon equipment characters. Narrated by Casey the farmer and Tillus the worm, Combines teaches readers how Cody and Kellie- the combines of Happy Skies Farm- harvest crops by gathering, separating, and unloading grain and corn. 

Learn about the science of farming and discover how their technology makes Cody and Kellie amazing.

Cassandra's review- The author created a great series that is both informative and very well liked by my family.  The illustrations are very nice.  This is a great read outloud book. 

Holly Dufek
Holly began writing as an educational curriculum specialist, and eventually branched out as a freelance copywriter. In 2013, Case IH Agriculture approached her to help develop and write a new children's book series about modern farming. The first book in the Casey & Friends series, "A Year on the Farm," was released in 2014 - becoming her first published children's book. Since then, the Casey & Friends series has expanded to include "Big Tractors," "Combines," "Casey's Bright Red Christmas," and "Planters & Cultivators" - with additional titles in the works. 

Holly lives in Wisconsin with her husband, three children and canine writing companion, Olive.

I received a complimentary copy.

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