Sunday, November 29, 2015

Beating Cancer By Dr. Melinda C. Hill Tour and GIVEAWAY

Book Genre: Health, fitness, wellness, healing
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date: October 30, 1015 and Oct. 18, 2015 for the ebook
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Book Description:

Beating Cancer is a powerful illustration of God's healing power through the eyes of one of His favored daughters, Melinda Hill. This book is for anyone who is in the fight of their lives and wants to experience victory, discover their true identity, and achieve great success in their health, both physically and spiritually. Use the action steps in this book for living a healthier life, walk in your God-given authority, and live the life that God intended when He sent His son to bore our sicknesses. TAKE UP THY BED AND WALK! I won my fight and I continue to battle on a daily basis to remain cancer-free. In this book, I will share how the combination of faith, favor, and fulfillment can cause you to win your battle.

* Actions steps for living a cancer-free life.
* Discover God's promises and keys to unlocking your inheritance.
* How to develop a winning mindset.
* 5 ways to beat cancer every day.
* American Anti-Cancer Institute's number one recommendation for natural products
* What to do while waiting on the next doctor's appointment.
* And much, much, more!

Author Bio:

Melinda is a coach, author, researcher, and cancer survivor.  Melinda is an ordained minister; however, it’s not a title she uses because it is every Christian’s role to minister; licensed or not.  Melinda's educational background has been focused in the areas of business, coaching and counseling. She holds a doctorate in higher education and organizational change, a master’s degree in counselor education and a bachelor’s degree in organizational management. She is also a graduate of the Executive and Professional Coaching Program from the University of Texas at Dallas.
Working primarily in the health care, communication and education arenas, Melinda has devoted herself to helping individuals meet their goals; whether it is personal or professional.
Partnering with people for success is her mission. Leading an ethical, balanced, purposeful life while living your dreams are guiding principles for Melinda.

As a coach, Melinda is supporting and encouraging. She has a unique ability to support her clients while holding them accountable for their desired outcomes. She is known as a change agent.

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  1. I think cancer is scary, know people who were treated for it and died from it, unfortunately.

  2. I'm a breast cancer survivor, so I HATE cancer. It definitely tests you, that's for sure.

  3. cancer- chemo & radiation are not the way to go...

  4. I hate cancer and I wish they would find a cure.

  5. In 2012 I was diagnosed and underwent chemo, and radiation. So far, so good. Cancer tests your strength and tenacity. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. I think a diagnosis of cancer would be really horrible and scary. I do wish there were a cure and most importantly a prevention.
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  7. I wish it never existed but it does,and if they find a cure i hope we hear about it


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