Monday, November 16, 2015

Baby Strong Workout Review #getbabystrong


What is Baby Strong?

Baby Strong Workout is a fun, effective and inexpensive workout option that helps moms of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels feel strong, healthy, happy and confident.

Baby Strong Workout is an innovative deck of “mommy and me” exercise cards that incorporate your baby in every single exercise. Baby is held by you the entire time, either as your weight during resistance exercises or in your arms while you stretch and strengthen. No more choosing between baby care and mommy care. Take care of baby while you take care of yourself. Build functional strength so you can do all of the things you need and want to do as a mom.

Each Baby Strong deck includes individual exercise cards and a series of pre-made workouts. You can do one-off exercises, put together your own workouts or try the pre-made ones. You’ll get a great workout no matter what.

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  This is perfect for a fussy baby and also to give you a good workout.  YOu can do the exercises without your baby as well. The cards are easy to fit into a diaper bag or larger purse.  Dads can use these as well. The different levels make it easy to find something that you can try. 

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