Thursday, November 12, 2015

ALL-ELECTRIC AMERICA By S. David Freeman Review

In ALL-ELECTRIC AMERICA authors S. David Freeman, former utility CEO, and Leah Y Parks, a journalist in the electricity industry, explain how making the transition to an all-electric, all renewable society by the year 2050 is necessary, practical, and achievable. An energy infrastructure powered by the sun and wind & running on electricity, for all our energy needs, will be reliable, cleaner, safer, and CHEAPER. It will be superior to the system we have today and will lead to a better future.

The United Nations, the Environmental Protection Agency, the International Energy Agency, and 141 countries (including the U.S.) agree that a 2 degree Celsius temperature rise is our ceiling, above which we are on a fast path that will severely impact our food supply, water resources, infrastructure, ecosystems to dangerous climate disruption and our health.

The only way to stay within this 2°C goal is to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.

The book presents a clear strategy of steadily reducing the use of fossil fuels—by 3% a year—while building alternative greenhouse-gas-free electricity generating capacity at a pace to meet our future 2050 energy needs

The specter of global warming requires that the transformation must begin immediately. Freeman and Parks show how, with the current “All of the Above” policy, we are, instead, on a path to climate hell. They present a course of action that gives us the best hope of eliminating disastrous climate change and reaching our agreed upon US and world climate goals of keeping the earth’s temperature from rising by 2oC while at the same time creating a better energy future.

We will need to replace all fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas used for electricity, heating, transportation, and industrial processes by midcentury to have the best hope of achieving our 2oC climate goal. The resources currently allocated towards oil and other fossil fuels can instead be invested in the development of an all-renewable 21st century electricity infrastructure.

Freeman and Parks explain that when we have the will to embrace this future, we will see a utility which is distributed in nature and service based, focusing on the needs of the customer. Solar and wind farms will be able to provide most of our energy needs and will take up less than 2% of our land and electricity storage will be placed throughout our grid. An electric or hydrogen fueled car will be in every home, solar panels will be on the roofs of homes and community centers, and home storage systems and microgrids will add stability and security.

The book further demonstrates how the electric utility, currently hindered by inertia and resistance to change, has an opportunity to once again harness the growth of its industry. Instead of acting as an opponent to change and being blinded by the fear and possibility of becoming obsolete, the electric utility can embrace the future, its history of entrepreneurship and progress, and take a primary role in delivering a better future for humanity.

A better future is possible by 2050, but only if we begin at once and have the will to act.

Cassandra's Review-   An interesting read, that is both eye opening and informational.


All-Electric America (Nonfiction – Renewable Energy, Environment) Author s. David Freeman is a leading authority on energy policy. He was appointed by President Jimmy Carter as head of Tennessee Valley Authority, one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. After 7 years at TVA, he spent 30 years as the CEO of major public utilities in Texas, California, and New York.

Leah Y. Parks
 Author Leah Y. Parks is an associate editor for and Electricity Daily, a journal and daily newsletter that examine current events and the state of the electricity industry for utility executives, commissioners, regulators, and other experts in the field. 

 Their new book, All-Electric America, explains how making the transition to an all-electric, all renewable society is necessary, practical, and achievable, as well as reliable, cleaner, safer, and cheaper. This incredibly well-researched book is written by two industry experts in simple and easily comprehensible terms, with terrific insights and a clear action plan. This book is perfect for anyone interested in the future of our world.

I received a complimentary copy 

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