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A Letter to My Mom by Lisa Erspamer Review

Including letters from Melissa Rivers, Shania Twain,, Christy Turlington, and Kristin Chenoweth 

Just in time for Mother's Day, the next book in the A Letter to My series (after A Letter to My Dog and A Letter to My Cat) takes on mothers, with celebrities and civilians writing letters of gratitude and admiration to the women who raised them, alongside gorgeous, intimate photos.

Here are a few samples of stories included in the book:


Annie Veron's mother, Joy, saved her three children's lives nearly 20 years ago by throwing herself in front of a moving car, leaving her paralyzed. Annie calls her mom her "superhero" and says, "Yes, you are paralyzed from the waist down and life gets tough at times, but you know, Mom, none of it ever stops you. I see the same determination I saw on your face on the day of the accident every single morning. You encourage me to be anything I want to be in this world. But the ultimate truth is that all I want to be in this world is you."


Dani Vilagie and her mother Tracey Noonan took cake-decorating classes as a way to spend quality time together. They found themselves being asked to create cupcakes for various events, and Wicked Good Cupcakes was born. Their business skyrocketed after being featured on Shark Tank in 2013. Dani wrote in her letter to her mom that she was not a typical teenage daughter, but her mom always supported her, no matter what. In her letter she says, "As I continue to grow and become older with each passing day, don't think for a second that I will grow out of needing you in my life. I couldn't imagine a second without you here."


Lisa Goldman is a 41 year old mother and wife. Despite being a self-proclaimed "health nut" who has taught fitness classes and has never smoked a cigarette, Lisa was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in the fall of 2013. Her kids are 8 and 11, and in her letter to her mom, Barbara Sanger, she faces the possibility that her own children may have to grow up without a mom. She also says, "One of the only things that I can imagine more difficult than getting an incurable diagnosis like mine is for me to witness one of my kids getting it. And, yet, I realize, that is exactly what has happened to you this year. And you have stepped up to the plate big-time."


Luis Guitart is a recent college graduate who lost his mother, Sheny, as a young boy. He says in his letter, "I have a great job, great friends, great love, but no matter how much I have, I always think about what I don't have anymore. You. To say I miss you would be the biggest understatement ever uttered." When he graduated from high school, he walked across the stage to receive his diploma and held up a sign that said I LOVE YOU MOM. He says "I held it in hopes that in some way, somehow, it would catch your attention, wherever in the universe you may be, and I would feel that presence, see that radiating smile, and know that beyond my doubts, and above my concerns, that I had done good."


Trish Boome is a freelance writer and social media specialist. She models her life after her strong, dedicated and independent mother, Bok Ja Smith, who immigrated to the United States from Korea. In her letter she tells her mother: "Whenever I wear flip-flops or look down in the shower, I see your long toes and small feet. But my feet have never traveled long distances as a military wife. They didn't have to drive my father to an AA meeting or to multiple jobs to pay the bills. However, they are feet that stood next to yours on the Honolulu shore when I got married, and for that I am grateful. My feet would follow yours to the end of the earth without hesitation."

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Author, Lisa Erspamer is the former chief creative officer and executive vice president of programming and development for OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, as well as co-executive producer at The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she produced hundreds of shows. She’s now the president of Lisa Erspamer Entertainment and Unleashed Media.

Cassandra's Review- A great group of other people's stories. It is well combined and a treat to read.  I enjoy being able to read a story and come back to the book rather than having to read through one or two huge sittings.  The author has a great knack for creating and it shows!

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