Thursday, October 29, 2015

Natural and Flying Wonders: Portable Coloring books for Creative Adults Review

Natural Wonders: Portable Coloring for Creative Adults (Hardcover Creative Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book Series)
by Skyhorse Publishing

Coloring books are a great way use your creative energy and reduce stress, and now you can enjoy this great activity anywhere you go. Natural Wonders: Portable Coloring for Creative Adults is full of beautiful designs inspired by the wonderful world around us. So take a walk in the park and let the beauty of nature inspire your creative joy. These relaxing, stress-relieving, and fun designs will provide hours and hours of creative entertainment.

Flying has inspired awe in humanity since our dawn, as have the birds that do so effortlessly. Now you can color these amazing creatures and the trees they live in no matter where you go. Flying Wonders: Portable Coloring for Creative Adults gives you the opportunity to take your coloring and creativity beyond your front door and gain inspiration from the world around you. 

Features of the books include:

A conveniently sized so that you can carry it anywhere you go
Seventy-five detailed patterns
Wildlife-inspired designs that range in complexity from beginner to expert level
An introduction detailing how to get the most of your coloring book
High-quality paper suitable for most coloring mediums

Adult coloring books are bestsellers worldwide, and this handsome small-size hardcover stands out for its lovely artwork and for its outstanding value. Give it as a gift or take it home yourself.

I received complimentary books.
You can purchase here

Cassandra's review -  The designs and illustrations are very nice.  The hardcover is very thick and the book is bound of excellent quality.  A few changes I would have like would be one, if the pages could be ripped out,  also it is hard to color without the markers or other mediums leaking through to the other side. For this reason I would have like not to have different pictures on each side of the same paper.  It is also very hard to color in the center or crack of the book so pictures that are placed as two sheets are not as fun to color. 

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