Monday, October 12, 2015

Emoticon stickers and three other cute Gifts From Ulysses Press -Review

“Emoticat Stickers” ($14.95, available now)

200 Ways to Say it with Kitties
By Ulysses Press
Nothing says “this is how I feel” like an adorable cat sticker
Behold! The merging of two of the internet’s most popular icons—emoticons and cats! Emoticat Stickers is a hilarious collection of paste-anywhere stickers comprised entirely of cats making remarkably human expressions–from shock, anger and surprise to smiles, winks and heart-melting frowns. Each page in the booklet features 10 unique stickers, offering users a range of cute options to stick just about anywhere. The handy 5.5″ x 5.5″ trim fits perfectly into Ulysses custom gift racks that are available for this sticker book as well as the Awkward Merit Badges stickers and the entire Parking Tickets series of tear-out cards.

Say it with kitties. Features 200 peel-and-stick feline photos that can communicate all of your emotions to friends and loved ones. 

Review- A super cute book filled with great cat poses and stickers. 

“Don’t Quit Your Day Dream” ($12.95, available now)

20 Hand-drawn Cards to Tear, Color and Share
By Bethany Robertson

Ready-to-color cards presenting cute and clever messages along with stylish and whimsical artwork
There’s nothing so heartwarming as receiving a thoughtful card from a lover, friend or family member. But the moment is even more memorable when the card has a personalized touch. Don’t Quit Your Day Dream serves up a wonderful collection of cards that are appropriate for any occasion (or no occasion) with the unique twist of being intentionally left unfinished. Each card presents its design as an open black-and-white line drawing set on a matte cardstock—perfect for adding anything from color pencil and pen to watercolor and guache. From Brooklyn-based artist, Bethany Robertson, these cards have a fresh and modern look with playful messages like “You Are the Pineapple of My Eye,” edgy options like “Bring the Ruckus” and “Do Epic Shit,” as well as heartwarming notes like “Hello Sunshine” and “You Make Me a Happy Camper.” With Don’t Quit Your Day Dream, readers can create their own meaningful piece of art to send off into the world or hang on their own wall for inspiration.

Release your creativity as you color these unfinished cards. Then, tear out your new whimsical work of art to share with friends or hang on your walls.

Review- A very simple book of card that you color and each page has one side to color, one side to write a note on.

($15.95, September 2015)
Cover Art
20 Hangable Prints for Book Nerds
By Liz Emirzian

Original cover designs for history’s greatest novels that can be framed as individual artworks
Moby Dick. Pride and Prejudice. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Everyone has their favorite works of classic fiction. But how to showcase this passion for great novels? With Cover Art, book lovers receive 20 tear-out prints on high-quality cardstock that allow them to literally hang their love of literature on the wall for all to see. An ingenious, one-of-a-kind concept, this book offers beautiful, hand-drawn cover designs by artist Liz Emirzian. It’s an affordable, cohesive collection of wall art set on perforated, tear-out card stock sheets that perfectly fit any 8” x 10” frame or any 5” x 7” matte. With each cover design complementing the others, readers can frame one or all of them to create an elegant literary wall or room. On the back of each cover, the author details the inspiration for the artwork together with the history and story behind the famous novel. Covering a range of genres, there are covers for every taste, including Alice in Wonderland, Little Women,Les Miserables, Anna Karenina, Ulysses, Metamorphosis, and much, much more.

Showcase your love of literature. Features beautiful, hand-illustrated posters to tear out, frame and hang. Pre-sized prints fit 8”x10” frames and mattes with 5”x7” openings. Includes "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," "Moby Dick," "Pride & Prejudice," "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" and more.

Review- I really enjoyed the cover selections in this book. The pages are easy to tear out and can be hung as is or in a frame. 

“Apuglogies” ($7.95, October 2015)

Saying Sorry with Adorable Pugs
By Editors of Ulysses Press
A funny, heartwarming collection of perforated, tear-out, apology cards featuring super-cute pug photos
Everyone messes up sometime. That’s easy. It’s the apologizing that’s hard. Why not avoid that awkward conversation by letting an adorable pug say sorry in a cheeky yet heartfelt card. In Apuglogies, each card-stock page pictures a charming, sorry-looking pug and an apology suitable for any occasion. Perfect for family, friends, coworkers, and strangers alike, each card also has space on the back to add a personal note. With these little helpers, saying sorry has never been so simple (nor so warm and fuzzy!). Missed that special someone’s birthday? Spilled wine on the neighbor’s couch? Forgot everything that happened last night? Neglected to take out the trash for the hundredth time? Don’t fret, apologize with a pug card and watch it save the day.

Don’t say sorry. Apuglogize. Features 20 adorable apology cards (and photos of pugs!) to tear out, give and make amends.

Cassandra's Review- 20 very cute pug photos and sayings.  One side is the picture with saying, and the other has a place to write in your version of sorry. 

These items are perfect for holiday gift guides (under $10, under $20, gag gifts, stocking stuffers, cat/dog lovers, etc).

I received complimentary copies.

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