Thursday, September 03, 2015

K'NEX Battle Bow Review

 Build 4 different blaster and target models in one set with the Battle Bow! Fires up to 75 feet! Set includes K'NEX rods and connectors plus special parts to create different blasters: 1 blaster chamber, 2 skull dart holders, 1 quick fit grip, 1 preload ring and 5 foam darts. In addition to the main Battle Bow model, you can download instructions for 3 alternate blasters and buildable targets. Most models can be built one at a time. Compatible with the entire K-FORCE Build and Blast™ line. Ages 8+.


5 Foam Darts
1 Blaster Chamber
2 Skull Dart Holders
1 Quick Fit Grip
1 Preload Ring
Downloadable Instructions for 3 custom Alternate blasters and buildable targets

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-   I think that bigger pieces might be a good idea because kids with bigger hands or that have trouble holding things might be a little challenged.   Most of the battle bow is not needed to actually use the toy but it is fun to watch the kids put it together.  It took one of them 25 minutes to finish it and then another 10 to refix the trigger.  The pull back was very flimsy, but the actual k force blaster is awesome.  My kids would like to have just the blaster without all the little pieces and also would prefer to have had the trigger already attached.  A very cool toy.  

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