Monday, August 10, 2015

WEDGNETiX magnetic building blocks #wedgits

Product Description

ImagAbility, makers of the original international building block brand, WEDGiTS™, today announced that its newest attraction, WEDGNETiX™, magnetic WEDGiTS, are now available. Perfect for Back to School learning as well as early holiday shopping season.

The amazing new WEDGNETiX (MSRP $39.99 and $69.99 for 16-piece and 32-piece sets) unlocks a new construction potential of WEDGiTS building block toys.

WEDGNETiX were created to add even more open ended play patterns for children. With WEDGNETiX, a child, or adult, can explore complex geometry and greater visual appreciation for 2D to 3D relationships. It sounds technical, but it is really just fun and kids don’t realize how educational it is.

The unique part about WEDGNETiX is the amazing building process it provides. With WEDGNETiX, you can create original 2D designs that include a square, a rectangle and a hexagon. This is accomplished through the WEDGNETiX design that has a magnet within each component. Specifically, each WEDGNETiX bar has an embedded magnet on one end and a metal cap on the opposite end. This allows two WEDGNETiX bars to fully rotate around each other for a 360-degree rotation. With WEDGNETiX, you can rotate one half of a hexagon upward to reveal a 3D representation of a hexagon.

WEDGNETiX do not require instructions like other popular building block products. WEDGNETiX follow the WEDGiTS toy line in that it’s open-ended design allows kids to create freely. ImagAbility does provide design ideas for kids to progress from 2D into 3D constructions, however, there isn’t any “only one way to do things” step-by-step instruction.

ImagAbility points out the extreme safety of WEDGNETiX:

A key criterion in the engineering design of the WEDGNETiX bar relieves any consumer safety concern. Each bar is a two-sided construction that has a male and a female component. When the two parts mate together they literally sandwich the cylindrical magnet between the parts. The plastic parts, made of an extremely strong ABS plastic, are pulled together, which basically melds the plastic into a single component. In addition, ImagAbility clearly identifies caution on the front of each package, that WEDGNETiX contains magnets. The product is tested and in compliance to the USA’s CPSIA and international ASTM FM963 certification.

About WEDGiTS:

The basic set of WEDGiTS building block toys resemble square donuts and diamonds with angled edges. The five, primary pieces of the WEDGiTS toy are graduated in size, so, the blocks actually nest together and stack into the shape of a pyramid. Mathematicians refer to these block shapes as rhombus and octahedrons. Each block is a different primary color, so, you can imagine a rainbow effect of color in each design a child builds. The design of each block naturally aligns in both vertical and horizontal patterns for an open-ended manipulative.

In addition to WEDGNETiX and various traditional WEDGiTS sets, other products in the WEDGiTS line include, WEDGiTS on Wheels (WOW) and Mini WEDGiTS™, as well as WEDGiTS school activity packs, building table platforms and other accessories.

The award-winning WEDGiTS line has earned ImagAbility honors in Parenting Magazine, Toy Insider, and Learning Magazine, as well as awards and honors from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, National Parenting Publications of America, Mom’s Choice, National Parenting Center, Parents Choice, Dr. Toy, and Able Play’s Special Needs Approval.

About ImagAbility:

ImagAbility, Inc. was originally founded in 1997 as the family business, R/C Products. The initials represent Rock & Caron McKinley, the company's founders and owners. One of the reasons for starting the company was to have their children learn about business. By being involved in a family business, the desire was to help motivate their children in preparation for their college planning. The McKinley family has traveled extensively in America and Europe introducing, demonstrating and selling the WEDGiTS product line. As the WEDGiTS product line became more and more popular in schools across America, Australia, Canada, and Europe, the company changed its’ business structure and incorporated to ImagAbility, Inc. More information and a complete product line description are available on the company website at 

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- The magnets are very strong and when playing on a wooden surface they are loud, so be prepared for noisy.   They can be used in a 90-180 - or 360 degree angle and so there are quite a few different ways to create with them.  One of my special needs children got very upset because they could not figure out how to do the shape that the booklet had. There is no instructions just one sided images and even though my child was told to just create based on fun and not the booklet, it was hard for me as a parent to see the struggle and real upsetting moments that came. I think if the company decides to make a few pictures to show the kids how to play with the product or give them some ideas, they should be complete and easy to construct in  even a step by step. I could not even put together the certain projects pictured in the booklet.  At any rate the blocks are a good size for smaller hands and also teaching your children about magnets and letting them know all the places not to stick them should also be a part of this playing experience. 

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