Monday, August 03, 2015

Starbox #starlooksaddict

I was able to customize my starbox by choosing 3 "Perfect Size" Starlooks PRO Cosmetics, as well as 3 Fashion/Lifestyle Brand gift cards.  It is very simple to do and the hardest part is picking out what great items to get. The box shipped fast and was smaller than I expected.  I did not   realize the  perfect size are basically samples.  The gift cards came in the box.  Now as far as the gift cards, it was kind of hard to spend them, just because of the amount and what is available on the sites.  I did not get to use the elevenparis gift cards at all and never got a response to my problem when emailing their customer service.  I did use the two starlooks gift cards, one was for a collection on the site and that is something different than the regular products.   I still have 4.00 on one gift card and 6.00 on the other, and even though it is from the same site, I will not be able to ever finish them , well unless I get more or pay out of pocket for the extra.  Now these sites are extremely expensive and high end.  There is not a lot of products to choose from, but they are really nice products.  The samples I received are beautiful and give great results.  Hopefully next month will be an even better experience!

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To visit the site check here 

I received a complimentary starbox!

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