Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Outer Spice Seasoning Review


Outer Spice is a new company that created four highly versatile new low salt and no salt seasoning blends, made from the finest quality herbs and spices, that are hand sourced from around the world. The blends are healthy, all natural, gluten-free, rich in anti-oxidants and contain no MSG. Each spice is finely ground by a family-owned artisanal spice company in Austin, and packaged the same day to ensure freshness and quality.

The well-balanced spice solutions transform and improve the taste of every dish, whether you’re a chef, foodie or don’t enjoy cooking. Outer Spice makes cooking, fun, easy, healthy and delicious.

All August They are offering free shipping with no minimum purchase! Consumers can purchase all four flavors for $6.99 each at http://outerspiceit.com and pay zero shipping!

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- I was a bit unsure of how the outcome of the flavor would be when using this spice, because of the ingredients and not knowing what the added other spices are.  When I used this, I was  impressed with the bold, strong very fresh flavor.  

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