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Follicleanse OS Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner #follicleanse

Product Description

Follicleanse® OS Kit with Zinc - Our best-selling clarifying shampoo & conditioner deep-cleans follicle pores  and provides penetrating, body-building hydration

* Zinc formulas for oily hair, itchy scalp, flaking & build-up
* Gently cleans oil, dirt, grime, salt, sweat and irritants
* Natural extracts, Keratin, Jojoba Oil & Fision Hair Complex
* Moisturizes while adding, body, shine and smoothness
* Leaves hair and scalp feeling and looking  fresh & clean
* Ideal for naturally oily hair or scalp, clarifying, dandruff
* A favorite of athletes for cleaning sweat, oil, salt and grime!

Follicleanse® OS Kit with ZincOur Best Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner with Zinc for Oily Hair, Itchy Scalp and Flaking!

The #1 shampoo and conditioner recommended by salon professionals for deep-cleaning your hair and scalp. Natural botanical and plant extracts combined with the effectiveness of Zinc PCA wash away built-up residue, oil, salt and grime leaving your hair fresh, clean and full of body.

The Follicleanse® OS Kit combines the non-irritating, deep-cleaning effectiveness of Follicleanse OS Shampoo with the hydrating, strength-building, frizz-fighting conditioning of Follicleanse OS Conditioner – giving you a total normal-to-oily solution for keeping your hair and scalp fresh and clean.

EXCELLENT clarifying shampoo + great for removing build-up, product residue, salt, chlorine, sweat and grime. Very popular with fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and "soccer moms and dads"s!!

Deep-cleans dirt, oil, grease, product residue and irritants that can lead to itching, oiliness, flakes, and inflammation. Its paraben-free formula is strong enough to tackle tough hair and scalp problems, yet gentle enough for daily use!

A natural-based, non-irritating formula is ideal for sensitive scalps, yet super-effective at leaving your hair fresh, clean, shiny, full-bodied and manageable!

A unique blend of botanical extracts – Fenugreek, Burdock, Thyme and Sage – combined with the effectiveness of Zinc PCA, Fision Hair Complex, Panthenol and key nutrients, encourage improved scalp health and healthier growing hair.

   * Deep-cleaning formula washes away oil, dirt, grease, salt, sweat & product build-up
   * Leaves hair soft and manageable and scalp feeling fresh and clean
   * Effective Zinc PCA, Keratin, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E blend
   * Paraben and DEA-Free!

AVAILABLE in 16 fl oz AND 32 fl oz sizes: 16 fl oz Kit (shampoo and conditioner) = $40. 32 fl oz = $76

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