Sunday, August 30, 2015

Beltaway and BeltaPouch Review

 Beltaway: This easily adjustable belt lies flat under your clothes and is virtually undetectable. No lumps or bumps under your shirt! Beltaway fits comfortably above or below the waist ensuring that what you wear stays right where you want it to making it a true undercover fashion necessity. Beltaway comes in a variety of colors for women and men plus there are two buckle designs to choose from and two widths (1” and 1.5”). Beltaway is $19.95 at and Amazon.

BeltaPouch: Go for a run, walk, hike or bike ride completely hands-free with the BeltaPouch. This soft pouch is so much more fashionable than the 90’s throwback fanny pack! BeltaPouch slides onto a Beltaway belt or most other belts and fits comfortably around your hips or waist. This wearable pouch can store your keys, phone, ID, Ipod, medical supplies and more. Comes in black or navy blue. Check it out online at

I received complimentary product. 

Cassandra's Review-  The two products work together.  The Velcro is very strong and the belt can adjust to fit a wider waistline.  It is easy to wear and did not feel uncomfortable or super bulky. 

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  1. if you every want to have a giveaway for it, let me know, I could use it!


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