Saturday, July 11, 2015

Maverick Direct Connect Roasting Thermometer

Product Description

Palm-Sized Thermometer Accurately Measures Temperatures Between 4°F - 392°F --- Name of APP That needs to be Downloaded: "Redichek ET11" ---
Quick Temperature Reading Helps You Achieve a Perfect Cook Every Single Time
Flexible 59-Inch Water-Resistant Stainless Steel Probe Wire Reaches Into Any Oven
Powerful iOS/Android App Calculates Cook Duration & Displays a Real-Time Chart
Free App Features Preset 'Doneness' Temperatures for 16 Popular Meats, 2 Foods

Cassandra's Review- The thermometer is easily used with an app that you can download. Comes with its own battery, which is a huge plus. It is a nice size and the suction cup works well. The probe is easy to function and clean. The meat claws are strong and work really well. They are easy to hold and clean.

I received complimentary product.

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