Wednesday, July 22, 2015

CushionCare Memory Foam Seat Cushion #CushionCare

Product Description

Discover The Secret To Retrieving Balance In Your Life

Do you suffer from chronic back pain that is caused by sciatica, a herniated disc, injury,
tailbone surgery, joint problems or any other back problems you may have?
Do you find it difficult to remain seated for long periods of time?
Meet CushionCare- The Balance You Need

The CushionCare Seat Cushion Allows You to:

1. SIT COMFORTABLY- According to Mitchell E. Davis, a returning customer, this cushion is a
"Rare blend of not too firm and not too collapsible". meaning this cushion is the solution for sitting in complete comfort.

2. REMAIN SEATED FOR A LONG TIME- Why should you have to suffer while working? Doesn't sitting uncomfortably ruin your focus?

With the CushionCare seat cushion you can enjoy long periods of sitting every day and reduce your pain immensely.

3. REDUCE BACK PAIN significantly by providing tailbone relief for your back.
The main purpose of the seat cushion is to reduce the tension in your back when sitting on chairs, car seats, planes, wheelchairs and more.

Why Choose The CushionCare Seat Cushion?

- Built to last
- Made out of 100% real foam
- Doesn't flatten over time
- Soft and cozy microfiber cover
- Machine washable and can be removed using the zipper for easy cleaning

- Comes with an extra blue cover

I received complimentary product.

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