Friday, July 24, 2015

Bluetooth Speaker #PECHAM_Bluetooth_Speaker

Product Description

-CSR4.0 Bluetooth module with phone call function, perfect compatibility and sound quality great.
-Flashlight function by pressing a button.
-Rain proof, dust proof, drop proof, non-slip, shock proof, and portable outdoor hooks.
-Press the M key to achieve MUTE MIC during a call.
- Can be press a hands-free function keys When playing music, simple and clear.
-Unique body design, using two high-fidelity magnetically shielded speaker unit +4070 vibrating diaphragm, surging bass, high pitch clear, sweet voice, full 10W of power.
-Anti-breaking sound amplifier using high efficiency and low power IC, to ensure sound quality of the product.
-5W high-power high-quality full-range speakers, the sound reduction to the fullest.
-A lithium polymer battery,products to meet the needs of life.
-Turn on the Product and pairing 10 minutes later without operating,power automatic shutdown, effective energy conservation.
-Aluminium Speaker grille: special coloring process, beautiful, prevent oxidation rust.
-Silicone protective case, Interface plug design, sealed good, effectively prevent the invasion of dust and rain, to meet the more harsh environments use.
-Aluminum metal hook, to ensure product strong after hang, outdoor travel, sightseeing, hiking and more convenient.
-A variety of colors of Aluminium Speaker grille and silica gel, can be do any DIY it with multicoloured.
Gift box packaging, more stylish in rich textures.

I received complimentary product.

Nice sound quality and connects perfectly with no distortions. 

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