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Blind Justice By Ethan Cross Review

BLIND JUSTICE by Ethan Cross



Francis Ackerman Jr. is one of the most prolific serial killers in US history. But he’s not only a serial killer, he’s also a serial escapist. When a doctor who has discovered a ground-breaking treatment for psychopaths wants to test his theories upon Ackerman, the madman sees his chance at freedom. The only people that stand in his way are the hospital’s head of security and a young woman with a personal vendetta against the killer.

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Meet the Characters

Marcus Williams
Marcus is the main protagonist of the Shepherd series. He’s a tortured soul with the frightening ability to get inside the head of a killer, a memory that’s both a blessing and a curse, and a gift for hurting people. He’s a bit of a lone wolf that doesn’t play well with others and doesn’t possess the best leadership skills. His biggest fear is failing those he cares about.

Francis Ackerman
One of the most infamous serial killers in the world, he’s been described as a less-cultured Hannibal Lecter. He’s cunning, ruthless, extremely intelligent, charming, handsome, and completely insane. As a boy, he was the subject of twisted experiments conducted by his own father. He possesses a subconscious need to live up to the expectations of how the world views him. Despite all this, he wants to transcend his own violent nature and be more than just a killer.

Andrew Garrison
Andrew is the glue that holds the group together. He’s Marcus’s partner and best friend, but he often feels more like Marcus’s babysitter. While Marcus is hot-headed and blunt, Andrew is calm and diplomatic.

Maggie Carlisle
Maggie is Marcus’s primary love interest and a member of the Shepherd team. She’s strong, but not tough. She’s beautiful, but not girly. She also has deep-rooted personal reasons for being part of the team and suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder.

The Director
The Director is the enigmatic head of the Shepherd Organization. He’s a former member of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit whose wife was murdered by a serial murderer he was profiling. Not much else is known about him, not even his real name.

Cassandra's Review-  Wow, this book is really a treat for anyone who like to get involved in political twists of drama and intrigue.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with this authors creation. 

Bestselling author Steven James says, "Ethan Cross is one of the sharpest emerging writers on the thriller fiction scene today.” Bestselling author Anthony J. Franze concurs, saying, "Ethan Cross is one of the best damn writers in the genre.” They're not alone. Others have compared this international bestselling author to James Patterson and Thomas Harris. Ethan Cross's work is an unforgettable combination of high-intensity thrills, memorable characters, and complex scenarios. The Bookworm called his first bestseller, The Shepherd, “a thrill ride that takes off from page one,” and that’s the experience you can expect from everything Ethan Cross writes.

I received a complimentary copy.

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