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Spot the Tick..... in Barbados: Globetrotting Children’s Book Explores Beauty of Barbados, Raising Vital Awareness for Lyme Disease Review

Spot the Tick..... in Barbados: Globetrotting Children’s Book Explores Beauty of Barbados, Raising Vital Awareness for Lyme Disease

Lorraine Damonte’s ‘Spot the Tick..... in Barbados’ whisks children off to Barbados, exploring the wondrous island to discover its culture, food and climate by spotting the tick on every page. But the book also has a serious educational element – helping children recognize the dangers of ticks and avoid being bitten. This bold mandate was inspired by the author’s own debilitating battle with Lyme disease.

Each year millions of people flood to Barbados for its delectable food, passion for living in harmony with ocean and – a good thing for Brits – it’s obsession with cricket. However, with hundreds of millions of ticks calling the island home, this playground for the soul is also rife with the potential for Lyme disease.

In an unlikely fusion, Lorraine Damonte uses her latest children’s book to invite children on a fascinating tour of Barbados, while also educating them about the dangers of tick bites.

‘Spot the Tick..... in Barbados’ is fun, engrossing and highly-educational.


Spot the Tick Barbados, is a picture book about Nicole's exciting plans to visit the island of Barbados. It contains colourful, vibrant hand painted pictures that have been described as innocent, simplistic and naive, which are perfect for young children. It explores tradition, food and climate, with some added fun to spot the tick in each page. Pages have been dedicated to the prevention of Lyme Disease to bring awareness to young children that they should take precautions to avoid being bitten. The recommended age for the book is between 4 and 9 years.

“This book is perfect for any child with a thirst for travel,” explains the author, “Whether they will travel to Barbados itself, or any other of the thousands of exotic islands around the world. I hope that the story broadens their horizons and instils a thirst for adventure that will carry itself throughout their lives.”

Continuing, “The narrative is vitally important in the recognition and prevention of Lyme disease; something nobody is immune to. It’s a disease that is misunderstood, misdiagnosed and often poorly treated. I know – I have been disabled by it at times. Ticks carry many, many diseases and – if we can make children aware of the dangers of being bitten – we can save thousands of lives in the process.”

Readers have greatly enjoyed the book. For example, Lynne Hollens comments, “I bought the book spot the tick for the children, it had pages full of vibrant colours the children enjoyed the story of Nicole's holiday in Barbados they also enjoyed the little game of spot the tick. To round the excitement off I loved the pages dedicated to the Lyme disease and that the author will donate 50% of profits to a Lyme disease charity.”

‘Spot the Tick..... in Barbados’, from Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd, is available now:

About the Author:

The creator of this book worked as a bank clerk for five years before moving onto a London casino.Life was lively and the pace was fast… “No more bets please…NO MORE BETS!”.Roulette was her best game, followed by Poker, Black Jack then Punto Banco.She then moved onto the reception and cash desk, learning a new set of skills.

In a busy nightclub in Bromley, she met her husband of almost 14 years Paul.When Nicole arrived she left work on maternity leave, never to return. Next to arrive was baby Madeleine.

The family relocated to Luxembourg for six years, Paul had an exciting new job opportunity.

It was there the idea of a book was born, whilst looking through a family photo album of Barbados.

Lorraine set out to make her own children’s book.

Painting the pictures became a struggle as Lorraine became very ill.

Lorraine’s wish now is to help stop the suffering and make the public aware that Lyme disease is real, and that you can take measures to prevent it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Cassandra's Review-  I hate to start a review like this but the book as far as the story has nothing to do with tick spotting , or a tick named spot.  It is a side story that should not even have been made to relate at all to the cause.  The very last few pages of the book have common knowledge about ticks and lyme disease which is helpful.  Really this is one of those books that absolutely did not make sense as far as relation to the topic.  It is like the author should have written two different books and one only for her daughter as a special family read only. 

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