Monday, June 29, 2015


Nikwax. Laundering with Nikwax in place of detergent is a gentle, green, and effective way to clean, protect, and prolong the life of most athletic wear, outdoor clothing, and footwear. Nikwax is 100% waterbased and biodegradable and does not contain fluorocarbons/VOCs, which means it is safe for your family, your washer and the environment.

Heidi Allen, Marketing Director at Nikwax, recently wrote this blog post about outdoor adventures with her baby and the many benefits of Nikwax being a mom.

Test out Nikwax's Cotton Proof, Polar Proof, or Down Proof, or the leading Tech Wash and TX.Direct for your family's rain jackets. The best part is the proofers require no heating or waiting, just wash some in or spread some on and go!

Nikwax even has a Nubuck & Suede Proof, which will waterproof almost any sneaker keeping your kiddo's feet warm and dry in his favorite kicks.

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