Monday, June 29, 2015

Brave Girl Boots: A Forty-Day Journey to Brave by Tami Walker

In Brave Girl Boots: A Forty-Day Journey to Brave, you'll discover that with God, you are capable of more than you ever thought possible. There isn't a battle you are facing that cannot be conquered with the help of the Lord. Regardless of wherever life has you at this very moment, God has a plan of bravery for you.
During these forty days, women from all walks of life share their stories at Tami Walker's table. They will share stories of enduring some of the hardest hits life has to offer; they may have stumbled but they didn't succumb.
Finding their strength in an extended hand of grace that whispers, “Come on, get up . . . you can do this!” You are invited every morning to join them on this journey!

Tami Walker serves on staff at a great church in Canton, Michigan called Connection Church. Tami is the founder and Director of CGgirls (a cross denominational/generational event for women.) She is passionate about encouraging women to be Kingdom builders and a champion of community.  In addition to writing and speaking, Tami loves a hot cup of coffee, listening to her husband sing and traveling.  Tami and her husband Cal live in the Metro Detroit Area.

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Cassandra's review -   A book to inspire and encourage faith to just be.  Not a book to be rushed through as each story is powerful in its own way. I enjoyed taking part in the launch team for this book and hope that it spreads to every faith based woman in the world.

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