Monday, May 04, 2015

The Perfect Place for Toodles By Barbara A. Pierce Review

The Perfect Place For Toodles tells a story of a very young cat that experiences abandonment and great loneliness more than once. He thinks he has found a permanent home with a loving family. Life is good for a time, perhaps too good.

 After a while the cat is left to spend many long hours in a window waiting and watching for his family to return. While there are still some fun moments with his adopted family, Toodles gets the feeling of being left out. Things really take a turn for the worst when an annoying neighbor visits more often and pays a lot more attention to the cat. When the cat is devastated by some shocking news, he makes a serious move to direct his life in a different direction.

The author promotes paw-sitive pet parenting through stray kitten Toodles and his journey through adoption, growth and ultimate independence. Toodles’ story relays the important message to children that having a pet requires great responsibility, and that they, too, have needs and feelings.

About the author 
Barbara A. Pierce has a bachelor’s degree from Cheyney State University, and a master’s degree in education and reading from The College of New Rochelle. Before retiring, she taught students at Columbus Elementary School in Mount Vernon for 35 years. Pierce now spends much of her time volunteering in a read-a-loud program at Grimes Elementary School in Mount Vernon, N.Y., as well as writing children’s books. She has published nine books, and is currently writing her 10th.

I received a complimentary copy of this book.

Cassandra's review-  The book to me seems like in the end it is just pushed to stop. Basically one kitten is adopted and the family treats it horribly and then wants to get rid of it.  The kids of course do not and then the kitten ends up running away and no one cares and that is just like the end of the book.   So while I understand the point of this book is to teach kids that it is important to make a lifelong commitment to your animals and not just jump into getting a pet for fun. It is not really hitting that point for me and my younger children were very happy that the kitten ran away instead of having to go with the horrid dogs next door.  I guess its just one of those books that fills time during the day.  

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