Saturday, May 30, 2015

LIVE LOOK FEEL By Jay Bradley Review

Transform your life in just twelve weeks with author Jay Bradley’s inspiring new book LIVE, LOOK, FEEL.

Growing up in a small Canadian town, Jay struggled with a myriad of health issues—asthma, allergies, depression, and a serious lack of self-esteem—which all seemed like major roadblocks sure to prevent him from achieving his dream of living and working in Hollywood.

But Jay found a way to make that dream become a reality, going on to enjoy a career as an international model, actor, and television host.

Now he wants to share his secrets with you through this interactive workbook that focuses on anti-aging, healthy lifestyles, physical wellness, and healing—both inside and out.

Through it all you’ll learn more about Jay’s inspirational journey…and become motivated to make significant changes in your own life.

It is possible to take charge of our own destinies, and Jay wants to help make that possible by showing you how to LIVE longer, LOOK younger, and FEEL better! A comprehensive look at what makes our bodies and minds tick—and how to keep them younger for longer—LIVE, LOOK, FEEL can help you start improving yourself in every way…today!

I received a complimentary copy.
From Jay's Site

Hi my name is Jay Bradley. I am an Anti-Aging, Wellness, and Lifestyle coach in Los Angeles. My passion in life is helping others to LIVE longer, LOOK younger & FEEL better! I believe that in order for all of us to look and feel our best, we must start from the inside out by releasing fears, blocks, and obstacles while also taking full control of the outside…our health, lifestyle, and overall appearance.

Life hasn’t always been easy for me but I have learned to turn my challenges into opportunities for growth and I use this attitude with each of my clients along with the latest products, services, and techniques for a full Body, Mind, and Spirit approach.

I have spent many years as an international model, actor, fitness trainer, food and health industry expert, massage therapist, and energy worker and have combined all of these experiences to help YOU create zest for life while looking and feeling your best!

We can all live with more happiness, health, balance, inspiration, and vibrancy. It is my mission to share my expertise with you inspiring you to live a stellar life, put a smile on your face, de-clutter your world, discover your personal style, get lean and toned, create a harmonious home environment, and experience fewer wrinkles while you're at it!
Many blessings to you.

Cassandra's Review- Not only did I enjoy all the information and tips but the author is seriously good looking!   Now back to the book, it is packed with greatness that is going to help heal and refresh. 

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