Saturday, May 16, 2015

Frisky Shoes #FriskyShoes

United Creative Group LLC

Product Description

Frisky Nineteen looking to boost awareness about our main product, footwear & accessories.  We sell hats bags, skateboards, towels and of course footwear.  Our goal is to provide products to the whole family at extremely competitive prices.  We are always promoting sales through promo codes, discount, free shipping and much more but always the prices of our shoes are suitable for the whole family, not just the individual.  We want to spread the message that at times when people are struggling with income due to a recovering economy, we are thinking of them.  When others are raising their prices we are lowering ours.
We are Quality + Price + Service. 

if you are interesting in reviewing our product please visit our online store and select the style/size/color.
Products submitted are dependent upon availability so once you are approved we will confirm your item's availability and ship them out to you.

Aside from the focus on our product we want to assert that Frisky is not only about great products but also great prices and customer service which we take ultimate pride in.

Our company website

I received a complimentary pair. 

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