Friday, May 22, 2015

Chalk Ink Review

As seen on site.
The 1mm Chalk White Wet Wipe marker. Here's a 'fine tip' for you: Use this marker for precision writing!  
Comes off most surfaces with water.

 Chalk markers are the go-to writing solution for everything from home grocery and to-do lists to interior decorating projects and drawing media for a variety of businesses including cafes, restaurants and grocers. Liquid chalk markers can be used on traditional chalkboards, as well as chalkboard paper, chalkboard wallpaper and walls that have been painted using chalkboard paint.

I received 2 complimentary markers.

Cassandra's review- They are very easy to write on and I like them for special chalk labels. Just shake and they are ready to use.  A very nice tip for precision and great for home schools.

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