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Big T NYC Review


The lady who carried you for nine months, made sure you were properly dressed, packed your lunches, custom-made your Halloween costumes and spent countless hours planning birthday parties: Your mom is someone who has been there and showed you unconditional love. For that, treat her like the queen she is this upcoming Mother’s Day. Both calorie-free and full of beauty-boosting antioxidants, Big T NYC is the ultimate gift for the fashionable food-loving mom.
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UNEXPECTED FLING Green Teafrom 19.50
Give a gift that’s always in good taste with the Couture Collection Gift Set of premium loose-leaf teas from Big T NYC. Created for the models of New York Fashion Week, Big T NYC is the world’s first line of couture teas. The line is exquisitely crafted by a couture tea designer with only the finest organic ingredients, and is full of beauty-boosting antioxidants with no calories. Each decadent tea is completely unique, with a rich flavor that’s the perfect holiday indulgence.

The luxurious set includes an infuser and a selection of all three teas from the Couture Collection:
Tell-Tale Glow: Rich with antioxidants, this premium organic Bai Mudan white tea is blended with Goji berries, elderberries, and Zante currants to fight skin-damaging free radicals. With a fruity flavor and a clean finish, no one will be able to tell you missed out on your beauty sleep.

Unexpected Fling: Both luxurious and light, this premium organic Sencha green tea is infused with delicate rose and cherry. Hand-picked in the Wuyuan Mountains in China, the tea has a sweet aroma with a well-rounded flavor that’s the perfect palate cleanser between courses.

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Wild-harvested from the ancient tea trees in Vietnam, this tea is a premium blend of organic Vietnamese black and Chinese oolong. Infused with maple essential oils, Indonesian vanilla, and California almonds, this delicate tea is smooth and nutty.

PRICE: $65
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Organic Bai Mudan White Tea Blend
Not enough sleep last night (wink, wink)? No worries. After a cup of this premium organic Bai Mudan white tea blended with Goji berries, Elderberries, and Zante currants, no one will be able to tell that you skimped on your beauty sleep. 

Naturally high in plant-based antioxidants, this “super” tea helps fight against skin-damaging free radicals to keep you and your skin looking amazing. Consider this your secret weapon to keep that late-night glow going all day long.

Tea Estate to Tea Cup: Our delicate organic Bai Mudan white tea is grown in the Dunsandle region of South India. 

—Tasting Notes: Tell-Tale Glow has a rich, fresh berry aroma, and a mouth filling texture on the palate, ending in a clean finish. The purity of the white tea is highlighted by the fruity infusions of superfruits. 

Food Pairings: pad thai, rice dishes, berry or citrus desserts

Instructions:  Put 1.25 tsp per cup of tea into strainer. Pour fresh, filtered water at 180° F over tea. Let steep for 3-4 min. Remove tea leaves & enjoy!

To make the perfect cup of ICED TEA, simply double the amount of tea leaves per cup, prepare as usual, and pour over ice.

Ingredients: organic white tea, organic goji berries, organic currants, organic elderberries, organic rose petals, organic osmanthus blossoms, natural essential oils

Product Sizes:

4oz jar: 15g (approx 6 servings
16oz jar: 50g (approx 20 servings)


Cassandra's review- You will need an infuser if you plan on drinking this tea or you can but the travel tumbler as it has a strainer built in.  It is very strong yet has a nice taste.  Each tea is very different, so I am sure there is one you will like.  

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