Friday, April 10, 2015

Just Live Kickstarter campaign

Nobody wants to be boring. You don’t set out in life to be “just okay.” You’re not living just because you’ve got nothing better to do. You live to really live. To thrive. To excel. That’s what Just Live is all about.
The Problem With the Current Leggings Options

The everyday woman has two options when it comes to leggings.

You can:
Buy leggings at a local store for thirty dollars. These offer little to no support; have an inseam that can be extremely uncomfortable and are engineered to fall apart in months, leaving you confused and searching for the “holy grail of leggings.”


Go to a major yoga brand storefront, and empty your bank account for a single pair of leggings.

Why does it have to be one or the other? At Just Live, we do not think it is too much to ask for women to have a beautiful, well-constructed and comfortable pair of leggings at a good price.
Who We Are

Hello, my name is Jared Lerner. I founded Just Live in 2011 to support everyone in realizing the unlimited potential that each day offers.

Just Live was founded on the thought of providing the world with active wear that looked and felt like no other at an affordable cost.

This is why we have been devoting our blood, sweat and tears to creating the perfect pair of leggings to make the most of every opportunity. And now we have finally done it. Let me introduce you to the Just Live Leggings!

3 Ways Our Leggings Are Different
1. Our Proprietary Technology

Our quality is second to none. We’ve literally traveled around the world seeking the finest quality materials in developing Yolon, our own proprietary precision blended fabric.

The Yolon Fabric allows Just Live Leggings to Be:
4-Ways Stretchable
Stain Resistant
UPF Protectied (So, your yoga pants are not see through)
Virtually Odor Proof

The Yolon Fabric also allows for superior compression. This compression method promotes circulation and reduces fatigue, so these are pants you can wear all day. And the fade-proof Yolon looks so good you probably will.

2. Made to Fully Complement Your Body

Yolon allowed us to design leggings without the uncomfortable inseam, with a gusset that prevents pants from riding up during a workout, and with a waistband that allows a full range of motion and comfort while smoothing out the parts that might otherwise embarrass you away from working out. If you’ve ever worked out at a gym, you know what it’s like to be self-conscious. Our pants take that out of the equation, so you can focus on what matters most.

3. The Unique Look and Design

We’ve created a truly superior product. Amazing looking fitness wear that offers comfort and support beyond what you can find anywhere else. Levels above the rest of the market.

From colors patterns ranging from classic black to lava red to patterns that look like the surf break, Just Live has a pair of pants made to match your style and personality. We know that no two women are the same. That's why it is important to have styles and colors to match every woman's style and sensibility.

2 Ways to Just Live

The Racetime Capri

Be slim, sleek and ready to crush your workout in our Race Time performance bottoms . Made with our 24/7 | FIT Technology and Yolon, this workout pant takes performance apparel to a whole new level. Our fabric is made with the latest technology to wick away sweat and obliterate odor for optimal comfort and confidence - no matter the workout intensity. The lightweight, second-skin feel will encourage you to do whatever it takes to push through when you’re getting your move on. For a smooth, sporty look, step into the performance bottoms and get your assets covered.

The Power Through Tights

Welcome to the perfect pant made to endure any challenge. The FIT Technology construction makes this pant ready to conquer any workout goals. The FIT Technology also enhances blood circulation and oxygen flow while reducing recovery time. Also, the skintight fabric is built to lift and tone all areas it touches.

With their lightweight and full coverage design, their made to take over the closet space designated for your normal leggings. You can pair the Power Through tights with a wedge or heels to make the most of a night on the town. Or, you can rock your waterproof and cool-to-the touch tights in sunny activities, like stand up paddleboarding or a day out on the boat and not miss a beat.

How Just Live Leggings Fit

Our Future Goals

This is where we need YOUR support. When we meet our goal, we will be using this money to accomplish two major goals:

First, we will be dedicating this money to furthering our R&D. We will use this money to develop:
Padding in the leggings that will support every woman in feeling secure and sexy.
Mesh and breathable inserts for increased airflow and cool design.
Stronger yet softer materials where we can incorporate reusable resources to help keep our carbon footprint down.

Secondly, we’re ready now to push ahead to the next level, to kick it up a notch and bring Just Live clothing to a national market. Since 2011, when Just Live was created, we’ve grown tremendously in the Miami and South Florida market, earning a very loyal following of customers who really love our products. Not like, LOVE.

And now it's time to propel ourselves to becoming a national level brand. We know with your help we will be able to orchestrate our entrance into the forefront with the industry leaders for leggings.

I was not compensated for this post.

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