Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time Winders by Blog Glatnek book blast and 25$ Amazon GC Giveaway

Title:   Time Winders
Author:   Blog Glatnek
Published:  March 17th, 2014
Publisher:   Stonetree Entertainment
Genre:  Sci-Fi
Content Warning:  Minor violence and references
Recommended Age:  16+
Synopsis:  Tanya is a beautiful young Time Cop chasing criminals through Time. James is an 82-year old widower. How did these two get stuck together, tracking down a rogue agent? Is someone manipulating the outcome from the future? And what’s with the tea?
Find out how love, loyalty, and friendship can change everything you thought you knew about destiny, in Time Winders.

About the Author:
Tanya, writing under pseudonym of Blog, is a female, living in Southern California. A biologist, writer and medical illustrator. Married.

Giveaway Details:
There is a tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:
  • A $25 Amazon Gift Card
Giveaway is International.


  1. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! :)

  2. THanks for holding this great giveaway.

  3. I am very excited to read this book.

    1. Thanks!
      Sincerely, Tanya Park

    2. Hi,

      I’m here, if anybody has a question.

      Tanya Park.

      Addendum: I started out as an art major, realized that wasn’t going to land me a job, so I switched to Biology (love being a scientist!) Then, while still in college, landed a position as a Medical Illustrator for the Legal Profession.

      You know when you see a courtroom case on television, and there is often a 4-foot board on an easel behind the attorney representing the injury of the plaintiff?

      That’s what I do.

      Thanks, Morgana, Sara, and Thought!

  4. Authors love comments! :)

    hidy,hidy hooo..thanks for the contest

  5. I am excited for the chance to read the book.

  6. Thanks for the contest.

  7. it's sounds vaguely similar to a movie

  8. Women do love stories of romance that involve star-crossed lovers, and time travel!

  9. I love time travel books and this looks like an interesting story


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