Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Merlin's Nightmare Series: The Merlin Spiral By Robert Treskillard Review

The third book in a new fantasy series that enters into the world of King Arthur, Lady of the Lake, the creation of Excalibur, and the rescue of King Arthur himself as it retells the story of Merlin.

In book three of Robert Treskillard’s Merlin Spiral series, Merlin must find the missing, now eighteen-year-old Arthur before a shadowy pursuer catches him first.

At the same time, Mórgana brings Merlin’s deepest fear to life and sets a horde of werewolves loose to destroy Britain. But when the secret purpose of this nightmare is finally revealed, will Merlin and Arthur find a way to survive—without unleashing an even greater evil?

Cassandra's Review-  Magic and power is the tone in this book in my opinion. I love how it is crafted and the older kids will  enjoy the wielding story line and plots. I would highly recommend reading the whole series and not skipping around in it. The author did a fantastic job and thanks to him we can all share in the world of Merlin.

Robert Treskillard
Robert Treskillard  is the author of the Merlin Spiral book series based on the legends of King Arthur, published by BLINK YA Books.

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy through Book Look Bloggers.

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