Saturday, June 14, 2014

ClipSee Review

I received a complimentary product.
 The unique design of the ClipSee™
gives you the freedom to make clear,
hands-free speakerphone calls with:

No Bluetooth
No headsets
No earbuds

No batteries
No wires
No fuss
 The ClipSee speakerphone for iPhone®  is a new hands-free option for your car.  It provides secure and convenient positioning for your iPhone® 4 or 5 - easily clipping onto your shoulder belt - and it works with most standard-sized iPhone® cases too! 

The ClipSee is also designed to amplify the speaker sound by up to 3x and direct it toward your ears, so you are more likely to hear the voice on the other end even with significant road and wind noise.  What's more, when the ClipSee is attached to your shoulder belt, the top microphone of the iPhone® is just inches from your mouth, greatly improving your voice clarity on the other end.
 Amplifies speaker sound up to 3x so you can hear better
Places top microphone just inches from your mouth, assuring your voice is transmitted clearly to the other end
Provides a secure and conveniently accessible holder for your iPhone

  Sturdy seat belt clip holds ClipSee firmly on shoulder harness, while still allowing easy and quick attachment and removal
Compatible with all versions of iPhone 4 and 5, including with most standard-sized cases*

* The ClipSee is designed to fit cases up to 2.57" wide x 0.56" thick (65.30 mm × 14.10 mm).  Cases with unusually large shapes or decorations, or loose rubbery cases may not work.  We recommend using the ClipSee only if you can easily insert and remove your cased phone with one hand. In general, the ClipSee will not fit extra protective cases.
Finger guides and easy Home button access allow hands-free, voice-activated operation while keeping eyes on the road
Height adjustment in back assures your phone will align appropriately with the Home button and in-call menu screen

Cassandra's Review-  The product is durable and built to last.  I like that it can save lives.  you can hear better and it is comfortable.  I would recommend taking it off when you get in and out of the car.  Excellent for new drivers as well.

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