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Wholesale Halloween Costumes Review

I decided on the Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Men's Costume when browsing for an item to review from the  Wholesale Halloween Costumes  with my kids. I thought it would be fun to do a show and tell with the product I received. Bare with me the item is mostly black.  If you would like to order from the Wholesale Halloween costumes site you will find some great deals and really low prices. you can also connect with them on    Facebook and Twitter.

This is the product straight out of the mailed bag package.

 Right off the bat I could sense that this product was either not brand new or was opened inspected and attempted to be repackaged. Now I have been to this store before and I know people can return items and I am not 100% but I think I got one of those for my review. 
 I am making this guess based on the fact that the mask was not in the package with the costume and as you will continue to see.
 The package is old, torn up and the button that closes it was busted.  
 I in no way tampered with this product. This is exactly how it came to my home.
 I have bought brand new costumes before and this does not even look packed brand new.
 I mean.
 OK so this is the inside paper that the costume was thrown on.
 product just a shot of it. 
 this is the mask and it was not sealed.  
 The costume had white flaky stuff or possible linty type white stuff all over it. Again as it is black it is so hard to see.
 This is the costume open.
 few shots of the inside paper. 
 On this photo I tried to enhance the light to make it brighter so you could see the non new look of the product and I did nothing to wrinkle or dismay it.
 Here is a shot using a flashlight to shine through the costume so you can get an idea of the thinness and quality. Please remember it is a costume and not an actual piece of everyday wear.
 Here is a big ball of some kid of material fiber that 
 was stuck to the costume itself, I discovered it upon fully opening the product.
 This costume is marked Large.Grand in case you want an idea of how if fits.
 The mask was dirty and some type of wet yuck on it which is kind of weird. Of course you know that rubber has its own feel and texture so rule that out as the stuff on the one I received. 
 Here is the fun part. After drawing straws here is the product on a live body.
 I did not wash it first and I know that is beyond disgusting but it was a quick try on with undergarments worn.  
 Now this is a really cool looking costume and fit great for a large but if your a hefty person opt for the extra large to avoid returns and exchanges. Remember that the odds of you getting a disgusting used costume would probably be very low and the prices are really good. The company also owns four other sites so you need to research that as well.  I browsed all the sites and although this one had the best priced costume the  FrightCatalogdotcom  site has some really cool not for young children items.  
  Here is my Sub zero.   and in the end the whole family had a blast playing with this costume after it was washed and sanitized.   For those of you who have no idea who this character is here is the summary of it from the site.  

Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Men's Costume

Sub-Zero is the gruesome villain that freezes his enemies before he finishes them off. He is a ruthless and merciless fighter whose wardrobe makes a great Halloween costume! The Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Men's Costume comes with a jumpsuit and mask. The black jumpsuit has silver and blue embellishments in the gauntlets and shin guards. The sleeves are designed with silver and demonic faces. This skull theme is featured all over this costume. The Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Men's Costume also comes with a mask that is designed to look just like the real Sub-Zero. So, you have played the Mortal Kombat games for hours on end, you love the characters, and you love the game! Dress up as your favorite character from Mortal Kombat when you wear the Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Men's Costume to a Halloween party. You will be ready to fight your opponent when you wear this costume just be sure to say “finish him” before you lay down your final blow.

Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Men's Costume

Item #R880453

Includes jumpsuit w/ attached tabard and mask
Does not include shoes

Wholesale Price: $34.90
Available Sizes:
Medium (Fits Chest 42", Waist 30"-34"), Large (Fits Chest 46", Waist 36"-40"), Xlarge (Fits Chest 50", Waist 42"-46")

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