Thursday, February 06, 2014

Dog-Gone Good Cuisine (St. Martin’s Griffin; on sale Feb 18) Review

For both humans and dogs the fact is that good food is basic to good health. Research has shown that children who regularly eat home-cooked and nutritious meals are healthier and live a more stable life, the same is true for dogs and consuming a diet of balanced and homemade foods will help keep them more active and out of the veterinarian’s office.

For many, however, the thought of cooking two meals – one for you and one for your pet – seems daunting and overly time consuming. In DOG-GONE GOOD CUISINE (St. Martin’s Griffin; on sale Feb 18) certified nutritionist and chef Gayle Pruitt demonstrates how to cook healthy and delicious dishes for dogs and humans alike. With over 100 corn, sugar, soy, and gluten free recipes, some of the mouthwatering meals include:
· Salmon Florentine
· Individual Spinach Kale Lasagna
· Spiced Stuffed Peppers
· Twice Baked Broccoli Asparagus SoufflĂ©
· Pears with Raspberry Sauce
· Cream of Cinderella Pumpkin Soup
· Chicken Pot Pie cooked in Sweet Pepper
· Tomato Carrot Soup
· Curried Beef Sliders
· Manicotti

About the Author

GAYLE PRUITT is a certified nutritionist and chef. She is on the Health Advisory Board and writes for Nutricula Magazine and Petological, a magazine from the pet’s perspective. Pruitt's recipes have appeared in national magazines and in bestselling cookbooks such as Hampton’s Diet Cookbook. She lives in Dallas, Texas.

JOE GRISHAM is the owner of HealeyGrisham Studios, a boutique photography studio specializing in animals, food, and product advertising. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

Cassandra's Review- I had to take a double look at the cover because I was not sure if the food was for the dog or the people. I am now proud to tell you my dear readers that it is for both. Packed with recipes that your fur baby will love. I had no idea that a dog could eat half this stuff so it is a good learning tool as well. I think anyone who has a love for dogs and want to treat them like royalty this is the book for you. Lucky is the dog whose people have this in the home!

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