Friday, February 21, 2014

ABEtheMovie and movement

A Billion Entrepreneurs takes a revealing look into the lives of people who pour their hearts and souls into their purpose, which inspires their careers, their communities, and their families.

"This idea about solving a problem that you feel passionate about…I think is the ultimate!" says Brian Schultz, founder and CEO of Studio Movie Grill, a modern in-theater cinema-dining chain.

Entrepreneurship is not just for adults. When 10-year-old Isabelle Adams learned about the devastating effects of water shortages in third-world countries, she organized a project that marketed and sold origami Christmas ornaments. To date this project has raised more than $370,000 for new water wells in stricken areas.

Ironically, Newson faces a rather daunting entrepreneurial task of his own, namely finishing the movie. He has raised enough money to generate over 120 hours of film, but now has turned to Indiegogo, a San Francisco-based crowd-funding company, for additional funds to complete post-production, secure distribution, undertake marketing and promotion, and submit to film festivals.

Those interested in contributing to the production of A Billion Entrepreneurs can visit Newson's Indiegogo campaign site,, which includes an official trailer. Depending on donation levels, supporters can receive personalized copies of the DVD as well as invitations to screenings in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Houston.

"If you can't make a monetary contribution, please don't feel left out," Newson says. "You can share the Indiegogo campaign with your friends and through email, word-of-mouth, Facebook and Twitter."

For further information, visit the film's website (, the Indiegogo site (, Facebook page ( or follow it on Twitter (

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