My families current need or want list 2018

I have decided this year that I would take down a list of some really needed or wanted items that my family would love to review.

If you know of a brand or PR rep that can point me in the direction of these products it would be awesome and especially if you actually are reading this and would love for me to review for you.

Of course sponsored posts would also be helpful as well, but I enjoy trying new things and would enjoy any and everything you send my way.

You can always contact me via the sidebar on the right of this blog.

I will add or update as well.   Also if you are reading this and can think of something you might need or want for your own family, please leave a comment as well so hopefully I can host a giveaway that you may really need in the future.

Well first of all my family ranges in ages from babies to teens and of course myself as well as my many different pets.   I also volunteer my time and love to donate things that I can no longer use so nothing is being thrown away, unless it is.

Here is my list as of Today Feb 1, 2018

Wheelchair-  One standard and one bariatric or larger.  The one we have is falling apart. 

Musical instruments-  Piano, Guitar, anything that my kids can learn. 

Books-  Physical copies because I not only love to review as well as read them, but I also homeschool so every page helps!  I do not accept ARC or galleys.

Food-  this is a tough one to ask for because automatically people would assume I have no food, and that is not the case.  I just love to review foods and could always use a little more as I am sure anyone else could.   Also I enjoy trying new beverages.

Money-- Ok everyone needs this, just seeing if your still reading....

Car or truck-- A new or newer vehicle.  I am currently praying my 300,000 mile junker will make it another year.

Pet items- They are always useful.   I have cats, dogs, fish, chickens, a lizard, and even cows for neighbors and like I said I also share my resources with strays.

Lawn mower-  A riding lawn mower would be amazing, this is a huge personal want of mine because with so much land to mow it physically hurts to push a tiny mower. 

Power tools and tools--  Things that I can use to fix up my 100 year old home.  There is a new project everyday.

A refrigerator-  Mine currently either freezes everything or thaws everything, there is no in between.

Washer-  mine eats our clothes and barely runs. 

Technology- Computers, a printer, Laptops, Tablets and resources for  homeschool.

Art supplies-- Paints and things to use for art class.

Sofa, Futon, Chairs, a kitchen table-  Mine are on their last legs but still survive.

Most of my kids have special needs and one in particular loves doing jigsaw puzzles, so those would be cool to have.  All of the kids love to play board and card games.

It is super hard to obtain products that cost higher amounts of money so really anything in that department would help out  a lot.

The thing is people say that they do not know what you need unless you ask for it and so I am going big.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully we can work together soon!

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