Saturday, August 01, 2015

The NDcent hunt is on! Are you game?

Give me a W!
Give me an I!
Give me a N!

Yes that’s right! You might WIN! During an awesome blogger scavenger hunt, you have several chances to WIN Amazon gift cards and a larger Amazon shopping spree. If you can count $100 as a shopping spree, that is.

I was never picked for the cheerleading squad, but sometimes I like to celebrate like I had.

I’m thrilled that an awesome group of bloggers have agreed to be a part of this hunt, and I hope take the time to play. And of course I hope you enjoy yourself along the way.

The game is simple, fill in the blank below to be entered in a drawing for a $5 gift card here. Visit and enter at every blog site and you’ll be entered in the drawing for the $100 gift card.

Winners will all be announced on Saturday, August 22!
Petite in stature but not in attitude, Delancey Winston put her fellow firefighters’ doubts to rest when she carried a half-burned man out of an arson fire. But she can’t shake the need to learn more about the haunting power of the man in her dreams—the one she pulled from a dead woman’s side to save. Even more disturbing is the power of newly awakened memories she’s tried to bury. Logan Mathis lost more than his accounting firm that day. He lost his beloved sister, his only remaining family. Now, his days filled with painful skin grafts and therapy, he works to avoid people. Until he runs into the woman who saved his life, who seems to see beyond his scars. Slowly, Delancey’s generosity of spirit begins healing Logan from the inside. But their connection resurrects memories Logan would rather forget. Memories that could make Logan a target of someone who’s still trying to burn away his tracks.

Fill in the blank: Slowly, Delancey’s generosity of begins healing Logan from the inside.

Here’s a hint for the next book you’re looking for: She carries the gun, but he’s no wimp. Look for the NDcent Hunt button on participating blogs for more chances to enter, and don’t miss checking out Nikki’s website ( to see what else she has to offer. An NDcent Dame - The Revolving Bookcase: An NDcent Dame - Book Sniffers Anonymous: An NDcent Dame - Sapphyria’s Book Blog : An NDcent Dame - Book Liaison: An NDcent Dame – Kitty Kelly: Joyfully Reviewed: Guilty Pleasures: Book Obsessed Chicks: Geeky Blogger: Coffee Books Life: Literary Escapism: Delighted Reader: Literature Lite House: Harlequin Junkie: Smexy Books: After Midnight Authors:
Cassandra M's Place---

Congratulations on winning one of the NDcent Scavenger Hunt prizes! Below is a message from Nikki Duncan, who all winners should email Nikki at to claim their prize. Including NDcent Prize in the subject line will help Nikki prioritize your message. Is it better late than never when announcing winners? I hate missing deadlines, but this delay was a result of my energies going to my kids. I hope you understand. The winners of a $5 Amazon gift card are: Deb Diem, Margaret Herman, Jess1, Deb PellertierC, Kermitsgirl, Karen H, Vicki Wurgler, Beth Elder, RBauldree, AmieS, Karina Hernandez, Jenny Dauksa Schaber, Teresa, Crystal Benedict and JAND. The winner of the $100 Amazon gift card, for her efforts in finding more blogs than anyone else, is Kermitsgirl! Thank you all for participating. I hope you had fun, found some new blogs and possibly had your interest piqued by a book or two.


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