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Juvederm Medical fillers are becoming increasingly popular in last few years #spon


Juvederm - a great way to remove wrinkles from your face 
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Medical fillers are becoming increasingly popular in last few years. In comparison to other 

cosmetic procedures, this one is quite painless and it barely produces any side effects. This is why more 

and more women (and men) are opting for this type of treatment. 

As we grow older, substances that we were previously able to produce within our body are 

slowly starting to diminish. This makes us more susceptible to diseases, injuries and it even affects the 

way we look. Our skin becomes saggy and dry. Best way to prevent this is by using natural supplements 

that can restore these substances and restore natural and youthful look to our face. One of the best 

medical fillers currently present on the market is Juvederm. 

Like most similar medicines, Juvederm is based on hyaluronic acid. This substance is important 

part of our skin. Unfortunately, after a while, we are no longer able to produce this substance as much 

as we need it. By using supplemental injections, we are able to restore proper levels of hyaluronic acid. 

This matter has goo like structure and it is important for cell migration and cell proliferation. 

Furthermore, it has high viscosity which enables it to lubricate the skin. This substance is found in both 

cartilage and skin. Nowadays, there are drugs that have shown excellent results for treating arthritis and 

replenishing cartilage. Most of them are, similarly to Juvederm, based on hyaluronic acid. Besides all 

above mentioned functions, this acid also repairs lost tissue making it very important for most of the 

bodily functions. 

Medical fillers are usually used for the area around nose and lips. Juvederm is used for 

nasolabial folds, corners of the mouth, jaw line, to plump up the lips and sometimes, it can even be used 

for cleavage and neck. However, specialists from DoctorMedica.co warn consumers about using medical 

fillers for neck and cleavage. These areas have numerous blood vessels and if the medical specialist is 

not proficient enough, needle can rupture blood vessel leading to various complications. It is very 

important to choose a proficient medical specialist that will produce maximum results and satisfaction. 

Juvederm is injected into the skin by using thin, fine needles. This is precisely the reason why 

entire treatment is so painless. In most cases, patients don’t even feel the sting. However, there is 

always a chance of using anesthetics if you need them. Procedure is really quick (about 15 minutes) and 

after that you can return to your usual routine. A drug lasts from 9 months up to a year. After this 

period, body will completely absorb Juvederm component and you are able to take additional shot. 

Side effects of using Juvederm are quite insignificant. The biggest problem is the skin’s reaction 

to the injection itself. In most cases, irritation may appear in form of redness, discomfort, pain, swelling 

etc. However, drug and its components are usually harmless unless you are allergic to hyaluronic acid or 

any other component of Juvederm.

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