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Wealth and Success Poppet Kit DIY Review

Wealth and Success Poppet Kit DIY - Abundance, prosperity, wealth, cash, financial success

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(¸.•´ (¸.•`* Poppet magic is a great way to heal, protect, bring love, joy, etc. The thought is that making a mode of magic that looks similar to the target of the spell will help it become stronger or more efficient. Poppet magic is fun and you can decorate your poppets in so many ways it really opens up your own creativity in your magic!

This poppet kit is designed to bring you success, abundance, prosperity, and wealth. It comes with:

♥ 2 - 4" taper candles 
♥ 1 green, re-purposed cloth with poppet outline pre-drawn
♥ Filling for optional use
♥ Anointing oil (essential oils)
♥ Herbs blended for intention
♥ Crystal chips that promote success and abundance 
♥ Instructions to charge poppet

Green is great for money, growth, luck, fertility, tree/plant magic, acceptance, weather, counteract envy/greed/jealousy. If you'd like one of these intentions instead please leave a note when you order and the oils, herbs, and crystal chips will be changed accordingly. 


 About the shop and crafts :
 All of the crafts in this shop are hand and heart made using the HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients! I hand make premium candles and holders (wax and glass), incense, herbal mixes, wood work, and glassware and many other metaphysical crafts. All designs have been created by me over the last couple of decades. Printed candles contain some artwork that is mine, some that have been gifted from artists, or rights purchased from the appropriate artist. Please do not use any artwork or designs without contacting myself or the original artist.

The methods used to charge our products were learned from women across the Americas and Europe who were born from a line of high priestesses and medicine women of their communities. I have been a practicing mystic, herbalist, and reader of Tarot for almost 20 years. I have traveled the world studying and researching many different traditions, lineages, and practices. I have worked with many communities as an herbalist, high priestess, and spiritual/life counselor, and now I bring that knowledge to you!
One of the most important things I learned from the women I have studied with is best summed up by Jennifer from "Confessions of a Kitchen Witch":

"True Magic lies within you! All the rituals, oils, herbs, candles and supplies are just conduit's to help bring into focus what lies beneath the surface...that voice we all know, wanting to be released so you can spread your joy and your gifts with the world!"
Cassandra's Review- This is made by a white witch who hand makes everything.  This poppet sells for 14.95. It is shipped in a good packaging and is delivered fast.  I would recommend stopping by Sandi's Etsy shop and picking out a few treasures for yourself or a friend. 

I received a complimentary product.

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