Monday, June 16, 2014

Black Widow Witch by A.J. Locke Book Tour and Giveaway

Black Widow Witch
A.J. Locke
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Etopia Press
Date of Publication: May 15th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-941692-09-7

Number of pages: 239
Word Count: 88k

After she’s caught with Knave, the witch Queen’s favorite lover, she’s cursed to 

savagely butcher any man she falls for. Exiled to live among humans, Malachi runs 

a bar that serves magic-laced drinks, but since her curse labels her high risk, she’s 

also closely monitored. Julian Vira is her latest babysitter, but he’s also the first 

man since Knave that she’s been attracted to. Good-looking and nonjudgmental of 

her horrible curse? Yeah, he’s hard to resist.

But when Malachi finds a body behind her bar, she knows she’s in trouble. If the 

Witches Control Council gets wind of it, she’ll be accused of murder and sent to 

her death. And when her friends start getting framed for murder, she realizes she’s 

not the only target. Malachi and Julian dig into the evidence to clear her name, 

but the closer they get to answers, the closer the curse comes to taking over. So 

when Malachi uncovers a plot to kill the witch Queen, she finds herself suddenly 

recruited into service, with the promise of having her curse lifted and a reunion 

with Knave as well. But if she fails, Knave will die. And she and Julian might not 

live long enough to see that happen.

A.J. Locke is an author and artist, 

originally from Trinidad, now residing 

in New York City. Black Widow 

Witch is her second published novel, 

and other than writing she enjoys 

reading, drawing, painting, graphic 

design, and watching too much 



Twitter: @maqueripe


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  1. This book sounds very interesting. I think I will be reading it very soon. Interesting plot.

  2. What made you decide to be a writer? Did you consider any other careers?

    1. Hi Natalie, I only wanted to be a writer and artist since I was very young. I'm very glad I kept on that path!

  3. i really like the cover! thanks for the giveaway - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  4. Your book looks interesting. I like the cover.

  5. I like the cover! Looks interesting!

  6. Keep up the good work, a friend read your book and loved it.

  7. What a great premise, and it sounds very suspenseful.

  8. For the author - I haven't read any of your book yet and looking forward to my first read.

    1. Hi Barbara, I do hope you check it out!

  9. where do you get the inspiration for your stories and how do you start the process of writing it?

    1. My wild imagination is great for providing ideas for stories, but believe it or not the inspiration for this book came from an episode of the TV show Scrubs!

  10. I love any women who runs a bar and serves magic-laced drinks. She's a friend I would like to have. This is a book I would love to read. My imagination would run wild.

    1. Hi Marnie, I do hope you check it out, it's a fun read if I do say so myself! =)

  11. please leave a comment for the author

    hidy,hidy ho and good luck on the book

  12. This looks like a great book.. I can't wait to read it!!!


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